Probate refers to the process where a court oversees the distribution of assets belonging to a deceased person. Often, probating a will can be time-consuming and expensive, but our goal is to find an affordable, efficient solution for you.

Probating a will can be complex. That’s why Steve Ortega and his office will work with you to make the process simple and affordable.

Basic Steps of Probate Law

  • File an application with the court to begin probating the will
  • Executor will be appointed at a court hearing
  • File an inventory of the estate to determine assets
  • Division of assets according to the will

Talent And Expertise

Steve Ortega has executed many probate cases in El Paso. His knowledge and expertise in probate law, estate planning, and living wills allows him to complete the probate process with efficiency. Many courts will require an attorney to be present to open an estate administration. If you find yourself in this situation, please call us for a free consultation.

The passing of a loved one is difficult enough. Let us help you make the process of dividing assets and probating the will easier. We offer home visits for the elderly and we speak Spanish.